then Orlando Palmeiro bunts for a hit, but Freel overthrows first in a valiant effort to nab Palmeiro

Brad Ausmus doubles to deep left, then Orlando Palmeiro bunts for a hit, but Freel overthrows first in a valiant effort to nab Palmeiro and Brad scores on the overthrow.You can never score too many runs.Because this is baseball and when it comes to replica Ulysse Nardin 263-66-3-625 Men's watch comebacks, youneverknow remember Roy pitching against the White Sox last June? With us 9 freaking runs ahead?Little boy is awfully quiet.Hmm.Sound asleep.Just like the Reds offense in the 9th as Dan comes back out and nails the door shut.I told all yall (by the way, whenever we play Pittsburgh from now on, I’m gonna say “yinz” instead of all yall.Because for some weird reason, it’s what they do.

Yinz?) that Sampson was VERY good and was most definitely deserving of a roster spot.And tonight it was Harang who got Clemensed.And I wanna give props to Mark Buerhle, who threw the first no-hitter in the AL since Derek Lowe threw one for the Red Sox almost 5 years ago.Awesome job, dude.Bet you expected me to replica Ulysse Nardin 263-33-3.95 Men's watch start off with Roy.Or Carlos Lee.Nope.They gonna get all the media lUVv so I am gonna start off with my man Adam Everett.He is really swinging the bat well hitting to all fields, not lunging at junk as he did most of last year and he's VERY good contact.His average is .294 and OBP around .380.He has been on base every single game he's started this season.

He looked tired and not sharp to me when he came in to start the 6th guess the long delay because of the screwed up advertising poster's electrical failure in center was too long.He didn't locate the ball real too well and gave up 2 quick singles.He needed to be pulled and Garner didn't.After Minky laid down a beautiful sac bunt for a suicide squeeze, scoring Floyd, it was time to pull him.But NOO 2 more hits and another run with no outs before Garner replica Bedat 114.010.610 Men's watch goes for Wheeler.And remember that Andy was on a pitch limit just 5 days ago.

He had a reputation as a GREAT fielder in the minors

Qualls, 2 IP, 1 H (Biggio made a bad throw, but no E) no R (replica brand watches sharp tonight.Snapping FB, sharp slider)Looper, 2 IP the second, he looked bad, but Kd Luke Scott with bases loadedFranco gets out Minky (whew!!)Wheeler 2 Ks, 1,2, out.De Jean 2 GO, a double down the left field line to Lane, then Burke FO.Wheeler back in for the bottom of the 11th no Lidge? well, walk, sac b, grounder up the middle that Everett can't get, Burke reaches and makes such a weak throw that he can't get Diaz at the plate.Astros lose 1-0, 4 H, 5 BB, 8 K, 9 LOB, once with bases loaded, once with runner on 3rd, twice with runners on second.UGH!Good news fielders looked GOOD, Everett made 2 GREAT plays.

Ensberg looks GREAT over at third.He had a reputation as a GREAT fielder in the minors, and when he first came up, he looked like we wouldn't miss Vinny Castilla's glove at all.But, in my opinion, Jimy Williams just didn't like him and made him nervous with the platooning, in 03 with Geoff Blum, who wasn't near as good offensively replica watch gift defensively, then the first half of last year, with Mike Lamb, a good hitter with a lead glove.Phil seems to have settled him down because he hit 50 points higher after the All-Star break, and this year, he's getting himself to starting to look like Rolen out there.- also the Jackal had 2 Ks, a single, a sac bunt? and a GO.

Chris COULD get a W.Still 2 on, 2 out.And it’s Jason Lane at the plate.And first pitch looks like a hanging slider and Jason immediately sends it into the left field stands for a 3 run homer.smileGonna be hard to swallow for all the Astros fans who’ve been screaming to get Jason off the team right NOW.But the score is now 6-2 and it’s replica Ulysse Nardin UTC Dual Time Men's watch gonna be tough for the Reds to come back unless, of course, we throw Brian Moehler out there.But we don’t.Phil sends Dan Wheeler out there to nail things down in the 8th get Chris his W.Dan walks the first guy, but settles down and strikes out the next two guys, then gets an easy groundout.We score another run in the 9th off Cormier.

instead of Burke in such a close game when Burke is a better hitter and fielder WHY

And you put in Bruntlett, instead of Burke in such a close game when Burke is a better hitter and fielder WHY?GRRGood news: Lane made 2 great catches and the fielders ARE swiss replica watches.Now, Phil needs to start doing a better job.And Franco needs to retire hisself.Well, Monday was the Day of the Lousy Fielder.This game was the Night of the Pitcher.Ishii 7 IP, no R, 2 H, 3 BB, 5 K 103 pitches 64 strikes MOST AB were FB hit to left kept Valent very busy.Clemens 7 IP, no R, 1 H, 1 BB, 9 K, 94 pitches, 61 strikes.- this was like the Backe Woody Williams duel in the playoffs a REAL nail biter.Turning into whose bullpen gonna blow it more…Hernandez, 1 IP no H or RTo extra innings…

LOTS of pitches out of the strike zone he walked Orlando Cabrera, the first hitter on 5 pitches the “strike” was a gimmee, who then went to second on a groundout.Then,?Sammy actually would have had O-Cab picked off second somehow, after he looked, he forgot to step off, threw the pitch, and Cabrera stole third.I was like replica Longines L2.669.4.78.6 Men's watch And then, of course, he got rattled, balked, and Cabrera trotted home.The run didn't matter, the game was already long since lost, but after Sam walked the next guy on 4 straight pitches, NONE of which were S near the plate, Arnesberg trotted out to the mound and said Sam, look boy problem -?

Are we gonna do the usual and strand runners?Nope because for the first time tonight, Lance hits a single to left and Palmeiro, running with the pitch, scores the tying run.Good.Now Chris won’t lose a quality start.Coffey walks Lee.Men at first and replica Ulysse Nardin 263-66-3.62 Men's watch second, 2 out.So Reds manager Jerry Narron pulls Coffey and sends in lefty Rheal Cormier to face lefty Luke Scott.So Phil pulls Luke and sends in righty Mark Loretta to pinch hit.Try explaining THAT to your little switch hitter.And Loretta comes through, hitting a single to right and scoring Lance.Astros lead 3-2.

we have to score at least one run this half inning

So if Sampson is gonna get at least a ND, let alone a win, we have to score at least one run this half inning.How come asks Da Bull.It’s a new inning. replica Ulysse Nardin 243-55-92 Men's watch Never try to argue logic with a three-year old.Just say cuz its the rules.Oh.OK he sez.And it’s a new reliever, setup man Todd Coffey.He promptly hits pitch hitter Orlando Palmeiro.How come he hits him asks Da Bull.Because it was an accident I say.But when I hit the lamp you made me stand inna corner how come he don’t gotta.

Because you were throwing the ball in the house which I told you not to do REMEMBER? And they are throwing the ball outside and NO it is not OK to throw at someone ON PURPOSE.So then Biggio can’t lay down the bunt and he’s out, and replica Ulysse Nardin 226-68-42 Men's watch Lamb grounds out, moving Palmeiro to second and a good hitnrun.How come HE’S not out asks Da Bull.Cuz they didn’t throw to his base.But why? Because they knew they couldn’t throw the ball to the base in time to get him out.How do they know they can’t iffn they dint try? I hate it when kidz use your own words against you.So there we are, man on second, 2 outs.

Poor Roger.Tonight, we left bases loaded TWICE, Ausmus and Taveras.We left 2 MOB TWICE, once by Bagwell, once by Taveras.And Bagwell flied out with a man on second in the 8th.But LOTS of managerial screwups tonight, too.Mostly with the bullpen.- Like when Backe got tired, WHY Phil, WHY WHY are you bringing in Franco instead of Qualls? What, you think Minky = Bonds?- And replica Tissot T-Touch Titanium watch leave Franco in to pitch to a right handed Reyes? Phil honestly do not know he can't get RHB out?- And for the Love of God, did you leave Lamb, who can't catch a cold, in instead of bringing in Ensberg? This is a close game, you can NOT afford ANY defensive screwups.!-


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Audemars Piguet A newcomer is taking its place within the prestigious Audemars Piguet classic collections: the Jules Audemars selfwinding chronograph. Its dial design strongly evokes the 1920s, lending it a discreetly vintage note while radiating an array of casual and chic touches blending classic and contemporary Designers Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chrono Tourbillon Mens Watch 25977BA.OO.D088CR.01 aesthetics. While extremely evocative by nature, this chronograph does not merely offer a new take on history. It can also lay claim to pioneering status as the very first selfwinding chronograph in the Jules Audemars collection, beating to the rhythm of an exclusive state-of-the-art Audemars Piguet movement.

All these indications are accentuated by the black " Tapisserie" motif characteristic of the Royal Oak Offshore collection. Finally, displaying the diving scale as close as possible to the dial minimises the risk of accidentally modifying the dive time, and also facilitates dive-time readings. Watertightness and resistance to salt replica Zenith 96.0525.4000/21.R642 Men's watch waterThe case components - particularly the gaskets, the thickness of the back and that of the crystals - have been adapted to guarantee watertightness to depths of 300 metres. The 92-11 norm demands watertightness to at least 100 metres. The caseback screws, the intermediate bolts and the distinctive Royal Oak Offshore hexagonal screws seal the case as securely as a submarine hatch.

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